Jan. 20th, 2014

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I've had a piece of cardstock stuck to the cutting mat, ready to be fed through the cutter, for over a month. Tonight I finally got around to doing that, and now I have a little custom deck of Werewolf cards. They're not too fancy but they're definitely a proof that I can make cards. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Part of the problem is that I am about at maximum table capacity: I had to run a USB cable across the room to reach the cutter, and I'll have to move the whole thing when I want to solder anything again. I can't wait to get into a house and have a room I can line with 6-foot tables.

Cards came out pretty well though. I need to do two things: one, figure out how to do the classic WarGames-like monoline font thing (looks like this). Since it's a cutter, it thinks it's cutting the outline of something, it can't shade in solid shapes. I need to teach it to be a plotter.

Two, I want a better way to remove the cards from the mat than "peel them off individually with a spatula." It's kind of annoying, especially if I want to make multiple cardsheets.

I also got a servo working on an Arduino, and got my print on with a little mount for a laser module. I can now send commands to aim a laser (although only on one axis; I haven't finished the whole assembly yet).


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