And the Job Hunt Continues

Jun. 22nd, 2017 05:54 pm
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I didn't get the job I interviewed for. Either of them. The first gave completely reasonable feedback: I interviewed well, but lacked key skills that other people who interviewed well had. I'm not going to argue that.

The second, I am happy to have not been offered, based solely on the feedback I was offered. I was told that my answers to two questions seemed vague and not related to the questions. One example was my answer to the question "Give an example of when you provided excellent customer service."

Except I was never asked that question. I was asked "Tell me about your customer service experience."

Those are not the same question. I expect to try to figure out what a user wants/needs from poor information, not a manager who's been in the job 17 years. If that was the kind of "leadership" I was going to experience had I been offered the job, I wouldn't have lasted 6 months.

Back to the hunt.

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Jun. 19th, 2017 06:19 pm
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And my phone keeps being unsure of connecting to the network. which is intensely unhelpful.

Leaving Florida. Slowly.

Jun. 19th, 2017 05:55 pm
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I'm really out of it right now. Cold where I've been sitting near the place I've plugged in the computer, and, well,
I am regretting choosing to still get up toward DC tonight instead of rent car have another evening with Dad drive back to airport early. Thought maybe I'd catch up with Orlando folks. And wasn't sure what was going to happen with PT appointment and phone was being annoying.


'course now I've been sitting on the airport floor 2 of the 7.5 hours before my flight up to BWI, and I've got people expecting to pick me up at oh dark early, and they're folks I've not really seen in forever and ever. But still. Feels like the wrong answer. Flight problems on the way down meant I didn't get in until midnight Tuesday night, and this would have replaced that night.

But I'm so tired. I don't want the driving or the dealing with booking rentals or any of it. And it would antagonize Stepmother anyway.
It's sorta helpful now that I wouldn't be able to get back home until the very end of the day if I changed it now, but that wasn't the case when I made my decision -- there were several early flights at that point, but I was hungry and tired and thought maybe I'd get together with one of the Orlando people, but Steve is teaching yoga til 9 and catching up with Geminigirl's been impossible for years even with a car. And I'd been wanting to find the time to write, but ugh.

So how'd I get here?
UNHAPPY. MAY NEED RIDE FROM BWI unsure. When I printed my boarding document on arrival to the airport my flight was 15 min delayed. I missed the automated call going through TSA and stopped for coffee; when I got to the gate there was a huge line, because it, and most other flights in and out of the DC area and in fact the Eastern Seaboard are canceled due to storms. I've of course already returned the rental car. And there's no way I'll be able to get home in time for Luxs Spotting Tour, Comes to DC, which I've pretty much had as my only goal since I sprained my ankle on 4/23*. It won't let me try to rebook my flight on line and I don't know what to even try for, because I have PT tomorrow midday and an honor flight early evening. And I have to find everything and prep and pack for a camping trip at the end of the week. Maybe I can get to BWI or IAD later tonight. But Fsck. Really. The one thing I've had as a goal since the sprain. I take spotting seriously and I really wanted to go to this 4 hr class tonight. I don't know that i could even hang out with the orlando folks in the next hours what with no car.
I checked in last night; it didn't suggest I change the flight. But I'm sad not to have more time with Dad if I wasn't going to get home today. And if I can't get out til tomorrow that sucks in a different way.
*like, I didn't do a bunch of other things that would probably have been most likely safe to do, because I wanted to make extra special sure I would be good in time for this class.
In the "things that make me feel loved" category, I all but immediately had 4 offers to pick me up at BWI even though it was looking like 1 or as it turned out 2am. Jonathan, who lives in Centerville, was willing to finish a dance in Bethesda at midnight, trundle to BWI, get me home, and then go to Centerville. I accepted Kathleen and Greg's offer to crash at their place and catch Marcline in time to get to my PT appointment midday.

I'd tried to call PT right after booking my flight, but my phone was being weird and there was too much background noise and they couldn't hear me. And I was hungry and less than caffeinated (early on, I'd spilled my whole Starbucks and hence had no napkins and hence couldn't touch any of my food as it had leaked)

It's been forever since I've been able to really spend time with them and I missed a party this weekend, but... I was so sad to not get the late evening with Dad on Tuesday; I should have added the couple hours drive back and forth to get this evening with him. Except I was kinda ready to leave. And it definitely would have antagonized Stepmother. She's been really avoiding*.  

Everything's wrong down here. I bought a new wireless keyboard and it and the computer wouldn't talk and then they did talk and everything's missing and for a little bit there was network and now it doesn't believe it even has the ability to do wireless. And maybe that's yet another reason why I should have gone back up.

I don't think the gal who cooks for him and showers ever got there today. She was going to come tomorrow all week, and I know her kid was sick, but could she at least have told me she wasn't coming? Was today by noon and at 1 she wasn't there yet.

I need to find a Geek Squad equivalent and have them go out and just set stuff up. It's as though it's entirely a new computer. When I left last it was Windows 10 and now it's Win7 and none of the pictures I've put on it over the years are there and none of dad's documents either. Thank goodness his book is up on Google Drive.

I need to get the book edited, still.

Naked swimming was nice, I guess.

I have no idea how I'm going to be ready to leave for Baitcon. I'm meeting up with someone in Philly. It'll be far easier to do the drive Friday if I drive to Philly Thursday night but now I've got no time at all.   And so little inclination, either. But I feel bad bailing on the guy in Philly.  And there's people I haven't seen in forever and if I get there I"ll be happy but just ugh.  And there's a big birthday I'd planned on going to around here if it hadn't been the same weekend.

And shortly thereafter, 3 years since Mom died.  It's still wrong.

*Somewhat my fault. I left the adventium door open when I took the fish out on Wednesday night and she somehow managed to hit her head on a boob height door and ended up with a full lone ranger mask black eyes.  I knew she'd walked into the oven door and apologized.  I learned 2nd hand that she had black eyes and went to ophth and then to get a scan, and she's fine.   

Florida again

Jun. 14th, 2017 10:29 pm
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Yesterday was one hell of a day, including just missing my afternoon direct flight on account of misremembering the flight time and making the mistake of trying Metro to the airport because of my new rollerbag meaning that it wouldn't suck to do so.  

Silver lining is that at one point I had gone upstairs at Archives to check how long it would take to get to DCA once the yellow line train came, and the green line had come and the newly empty benches still included one little pink bag.  The doors were still open so when I held it up and yelled, "does this belong to anyone?" the anyone in question turned out to be one of the high school girls who had told me that I'd just missed Yellow on my arrival, and I think the conductor held the doors open just a little longer so she could get to it. 

It isn't unusual for my inconvenience to seem to be for A Reason, but while I was accepting of that when I thought it would mean an uncomfortable run through the airport I'm not entirely sure it was worth the full day. 

There was some amusement factor (after the fact) in thinking TSA was going to make me miss my rescheduled plane because they were busy debating whether my tub of halvah was a solid or a paste or a liquid.  I kept telling them I'd be happy to cut them a piece. Also in the roller bag, grape leaves and grilled eggplant.  On the way down I also discovered that a tiny gelato spoon is great for avocado - no need to pull out the pit from the pit side!

As for the rest, I'd blockquote what I wrote on FB yesterday but something's up with trying to get to FB.  Short form is that I had troubles with airport wifi and the ipad's digitizer has gone bad enough that I can't use it as a hotspot anymore nor can i easily type on it (altho I brought a keyboard, and should have used that) and the first of the two planes took off late enough that I barely had any time between planes to attempt to do anything further about a rental car, and my knee freaked out when I got up from sitting at the gate (to the point that I wondered whether I should have brought the cane after all) and many of the rental car companies were out of cars and Advantage matched Hotwire but then once I made my way to the kiosk in the garage it was well over 20 min waiting for them to bring the car.   And I'd apparently been noticeably fried; I sat and facebooked on the phone while waiting and the guy in the kiosk wordlessly came over and handed me a bottle of water.  When the car finally did come and I asked if they had recycle, he seemed surprised by the empty bottle and gave me two more for the road. 

I finally got to the house at nearly midnight. 

Oh god, it's quarter to three.  I first opened up DW to post , which I haven't even finished, because partly I've been reading so many other things tonight, and partly because it's an especially hard topic for me.

Oh, also, the Geico Runway ad amused me. 

As did this 30 second vid of a rather clever graduation stunt - Kelsey Frick realized that there was no time to do a silly dance or anything given how quickly everybody was to cross the stage, so she added "en Awesome" to the name card she was to hand to the announcer.  It worked.  Courtesy a 5 year old post that just surfaced from [personal profile] syntonic_comma .   Also from syntonic_comma's 5 year old post dump, We could end homelessness with the money americans spend on christmas decorations

And this little thing on Adam West's Batman

But here's the thing.  I got here and Dad's hair desperately needed a cut, and his beard had grown, and the computer's missing skype and god only knows when he last looked at email, and he isnt even using the new wheelchair.  I didn't get a car that would be eas to  put him in, but the chair should actually be able to deal with the wood chip driveway . .  .but he insists he doesn't want to go out anyway.  Ugh.

And I was absolutely right that spending time here would be bad for my ankle; I was absolutely right to delay the trip. It's a bit swollen and hurty now, and it would have been terrible to have tried to be here 5 weeks ago. 

I was going to get up early.  Oops.

97-2 vote for preventing the white house from making changes to Russia sanctions.  Well, that's something. 

Oh.  And I love how there's a move on the right to cast the left's very concerns as incitement

Edit: I didn't get around to going to bed because of some of the above links - I've not been so good at keeping up with LJ - FB is entirely too addictive nowadays.  Maybe I'll look into>Space, the mindfulness app that tries to break that</a>. 

In any case, it's probably for the best that I was still out here in the living room, despite not having actually done the work on dad's computer I'd been intending to do -- one of the ottoman sized cats (norwegians) suddenly popped in from the master bedroom where Dad's sleeping. This is the one who got out a bunch of years ago, for most of a week. And who is why Stepmother lives in constant fear of a cat getting out.  I tried to shove him back through the cat door but somehow it was locked, so I picked him up and brought him to Stepmother, who broke down in tears about it because this is what she has nightmares about. I'm sure she'll be nuts about doors going forward, and I'm not entirely sure whether she'll be happier with me or not. 

GAA.  Another hour's gone.  Made the mistake of looking at some of the stuff the right is psting 

And in the Oh Brave New World files

Jun. 9th, 2017 12:07 pm
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I was clicking around Buzzfeed News, and came across a <a href=>really cool article of 19 fascinating women of WWI</a>.     I highly recommend; I'd been aware of The Hello Girls and of <a href=>Anna Coleman Ladd</a>'s detailed masks, but not of most of the others. 

Also on Buzzfeed, in this world there now exists <a href=>a fidget spinner buttplug</a>. 

Gotta run.


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