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I went to go to post that OMG I FOUND MY KEYS I FOUND MY KEYS and realized that my further annoyance about lyme and doxy and stuff I thought had posted on probably Monday or Tuesday in fact did not post. Hence no forthcoming comments. Anyway, that's below, and somewhat old news since my current whining is about eating with doxy. But!

OMG I FOUND MY KEYS I FOUND MY KEYS the main keychain that had gone missing in a 5 min run in and out of the apartment that had my bikeshare fob (fortunately can use credit card but more cumbersome) and that had my MAILBOX KEY (far more important; I had my mail held at the post office the last couple weeks lest it get sent back) and less importantly but still annoying, my music quality earplugs.  As well as someone else's key who wouldn't be happy. In my final packing for Missouri visit / eclipse I decided to grab my normal binocs for during totality presuming we aren't clouded. And the keys were somehow next to that shelving, only visible with me sitting on the floor looking into the bottom part of the shelving. I've been using my backup house and car keys since the end of the Fringe Festival, and fortunately had made a new dup of the car a week prior.

I'd just yesterday come close to buying a new bikeshare fob, and did make another dup of my house key. Timing, we has it. 

Re the lyme stuff, tired.    Been on the doxy since Monday night; i don't remember it being nearly this annoying re timing of eating before, but I was keeping different hours then and probably not sweating the empty stomach quite as much.  And didn't know that green smoothies are full of calcium then either.  I think I'm going to buy some probiotics.   Figure tired (have had my share of Mandatory Nap Land) in the last couple weeks is a combination of actually starting to do the for reals Lyme thing some time in between "no I don't have symptoms i want a titer anyway" til now; learned in the past week that feeling crappy with some fever maybe 4 or so weeks out is pretty classic, and if you look a few posts back I had that right on time. 

Have sent a note about that back to doc's office; don't hugely care how they respond, as I'm currently treating appropriately.  It doesn't look like the ID society has particularly different guidelines, but <a href=https://www.hopkinsarthritis.org/arthritis-info/lyme-disease/lyme-disease-treatment/>Hopkins does</a> and updated theirs to 20-30days as of 7/29.  Interestingly, their info seems to consider single dose prophylactic doxy to be quite effective; then again if something's 99% effective (it isn't) there's still 1 in 100 times for which it's not. 

OneMed responded last night that they'd forward to my PCP (the one on record I'd been thinking to change, who hasn't seen me in rather some while). I'll decide in the next couple weeks whether there's much need to try to seek any official second opinion.   IDDocFriend reminded me that most people treat and it's fine, and even if it isn't fully fine it isn't standardly Ruined His Knee or Tried To Eat Her Brain - I seem to just know a bunch in that subset. 

Gotta finish packing. 

Original post, that I'd been mildly surprised nobody was saying anything about: 
Subj: Y'know it really bothers me

- that I had to argue to get a lyme titer in the first place, with the assertion being that the 200mg doxy i took on the way down the mountain should have handled it.  Because Oh Noes I Might Then Have to Rx for a couple weeks [the same antibiotics in the same dose that dermatologists put people on for months and months, and that I used for similar purposes for months and months before getting sick of the food restrictions]
- that the titer came back as indicative of recent infection
- that while CDC recs apparently say 10-21 days, other research indicates an at best 50-80% success rate at 21 days or less 

- that seriously, they want to dick around with, no joke, potentially my entire future health over a week or two of an antibiotic that I had a month's worth in my fridge, originally written with 3 refills, except it was filled in 2013 and doxy is one of the few things that maybe becomes toxic when too old.   (It'd been written by a dermatologist when I was breaking out a lot; I'd balked at the price, but later filled it in order to have it available for the prophylactic dose after camping.)

Fortunately there are other ways to acquire a more full course, but of course that means pointing out this is fscking insane is something I can't actually do, because then I have to admit going around them.   Or maybe not; I suppose i can have some of this argument in the next few weeks. 

Next chapter

Aug. 11th, 2017 08:59 pm
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The saga continues. I pushed back on 14 days instead of 30 days; I thought I had agreement; I went to the pharmacy to find that nothing had come through with a new prescription. The pharmacist was more than a little boggled at a 14 day rx for Doxy, saying that he was far more used to 42 days as opposed to the 30 or 21 I was expecting. I got back a "the pharmacist is wrong, two weeks is fine if it's only the titer and no symptoms, here have a .pdf" I'm thinking that I've now turned into A Problem Patient. I'm not very happy about this.   I'm still pretty displeased that I only have said titer because of fighting over it. 

Now, looking at the thing I was just sent, if amoxicillin is one of the possible treatment options, I only a few days ago finished up 7 days of amoxicillin.  Doc's office isn't actually aware of this because I knew what their answer was going to be re coming down with sinus infection as opposed to having had one for two weeks first, but I was on my way down to Dad's and did not want to get him sick. And whaddayaknow, the yellow gunk and slight fever retreated almost immediately when I started.   3x a day drugs really suck. 

But more importantly, I'm suspecting that that might have been sufficiently useful that 14 vs 30 days of doxy makes less of a difference.   And it isn't like I'm all that into the dairy restrictions around Doxy. 

But just ugh. 

ok cool, so you're updating the rx? no. / pharmacist thinks this is weird. pharmacist is wrong, suck it.  )

oh how lovely. i hate being right.

Aug. 11th, 2017 04:21 pm
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That feeling when
After having to argue to add a lyme titer to the bloodwork at physical, about a month after doing the 200mg single dose prophylaxis from pulling off a tick at baitcon, the med office sits on the results for 10 days, and they came back with probable recent exposure, and it turns out the doc is leaving the practice today, and figures the prophylaxis really probably covered that, so here have half a course of doxy.

My response:
short form: hey, i'm not so hot about this half course ... okay, yeah, you're probably right. )
I'm waiting to hear from the pharmacy that they've filled an updated RX.
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Can't sleep. Met up with [personal profile] badmagic at Pentagon City after I landed, and we went out to Lumsfs, and it was a good evening, until we were almost back home and I started feeling unwell. Seems to have passed.

I did something kind at Pentagon City, and yet completely insufficient. There was a guy with a sign, something like "I feel so ashamed to be doing this, but I don't know what else to do" and something about a lost wallet and disabled vet and I had some time, and I turned around and walked back and asked him about what was going on.

[insert story about helping call a hotel about a lost phone and having a couple ideas as to how he could get his stuff from the ex not ex's house and I'm totally out of time and so tired and why did I decide I was going to do 48hfp?]

Anyway. Reached his friend who didn't have his phone, but don't really have a way to reach him. Hoping the hotel found it - i called them again yesterday and haven't heard back from them. I'm hoping he stopped in in person and got it.

No wallet, no phone, can't get into his fb or gmail without the phone...


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Aug. 5th, 2017 02:44 pm
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Because the lock to the screen door is broken and stepmother is nocturnal the pool guy hasn't been able to test the pool this week and hence I don't get to use the pool until the door is fixed and the pool guy has been here. This was not the decision yesterday, when she was simply too busy to go open the pool for me. At the moment there's thunder anyway, but bleh.


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